Anti Tobacco Day @ Great Lakes

May 31 was World anti-tobacco day and Great Lakes partnered with the Cancer Institute, Chennai and Radio Mirchi to spread awareness among the puffers. The main event of the day was the “donate-a-cigarette-and-save-14-minutes-of-your-life” campaign where smokers in the campus’s vicinity were persuaded to donate a tobacco product. A pamphlet that accompanied explained that every cigarette smoked shortens your life by 14 minutes. We had RJ Vidhya from Radio Mirchi adding some pep to the campaign by interviewing smokers. The auto drivers near the campus, after some initial resistance, parted with their beedis. One was magnanimous enough to part with his lighter! The campaign message was also spread inside the campus to discourage smoking among the student community. Let’s come together and wish all the Great Lakers – past and present- a healthy and tobacco-free life!

PS:After a great deal of effort to embed some snaps here, I have given up. You can find them instead on my picasa page

– Muralidhar S

Class of 2009

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One Response to Anti Tobacco Day @ Great Lakes

  1. Nova says:

    This is brilliant… 🙂 You guys are doing a good job 🙂

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