As the week unfolds and the bomb ticks.

The war cry was just heard.

Saturday: It was a different day when pitted against the rest of the recent mornings. The sun was unusually quiet and had decided to take a break behind the surprisingly organized clouds. Quite a few of us were interacting with the students of Babson College, MA, USA who had come here on a study tour . Some thought of participating in the Mandarin class while an insignificant little were still watching the sequel of their respective dreams at home. (Simply put: were acting bed-bugs.)

11:44 A.M. – A mail knocked each of our inboxes. A quick glance through it and we at once knew that life would never be the same again. It was a revision of the Time Table for the week ahead. The earlier one had three final term exams, three running assignments, nine bucketful of classes, committee work and karma yoga. And now– the revised one had one more marathon lecture series nailed in whatever little blank cells that were remaining in the excel sheet which had the time table. Which meant an enormous probability of another couple of assignments hammered in .

All that when translated imply that the work that was handled by two overfed Hercules in the entire lunar month would have to be taken care of in seven days time by each one of us who did not once have the privilege of fighting out a dead cockroach ; let alone the Greek war. . That seems almost like getting pelted with rugged Colorado rocks for fifty hours at a stretch . What the class of 2009 will see in the coming few days will go a long way in deciding the ones who have it in them .

As we wait and watch with five kilotons of unexpired health supplements and some liters of black coffee; a post-dated bottoms up already – to the survivors!

(Tick tick one..tick tick two…)

(Suryya Sarkar, Class of 2009)

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7 Responses to As the week unfolds and the bomb ticks.

  1. whoispr says:

    Awesome post dude. Easily One of the best i’ve read in months.

  2. inscrutable says:

    emotions….truly captured…..that excel played a spoil sport…..all our ‘plans’ for the next week need a revisit now….

  3. Ajay says:

    Add to it macro and markman assignments…that makes it a HUGE proposition!!

    The old ones say that we Champions are descendants of Hercules himself….this is madness…this is blasphemy…this is Great Lakes!!!

  4. Manik Kinra says:

    Great! Awesome … Feels like going back to classes

  5. How true.. how true… the coming week will indeed be a test of wits vs whats!

    but i fear it just gonna get worse… damn it! Great Lakes is only 3 floors tall… will only break a leg… im singing “Will I survive”!!!

  6. Gaurav says:

    Great… Feels like Fun… eh

  7. Nova says:

    hahahaha good one… 🙂

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