Pain, relief, nonchalance and ecstasy!!!…and back to the grind…

After the much feared yet highly anticipated first mid-term exam was out of the way we were awaiting with baited breath, the outcome of our efforts or a lack of them. While most of us took the oft-taken approach of studying, learning and teaching our peers (in short…burning the midnight oil and looking for more oil once it ran out) some of us chose a slightly different approach of not studying at all and relying completely on the learning in class (if nothing else it was to test our understanding in class and our preparedness for a very rigorous course…OK I’ll say it…I’m plain lazy and I love excuses).

When the results did finally come, they didn’t disappoint us completely. Some of us scored above our expectations, some of us guessed our scores perfectly and some of us realized the extreme need to pull up our socks. Well I classified the class into the following; the expected heroes, the underdogs turned into heroes, the ‘we need to pull up our socks’ gang, the pretenders (that’s just me and maybe my roomies…everyone else is pretty awesome here!) and the rest of us content with a decent performance.

The reactions of my ilk (the pretenders) varied from pretence (Oh…I didn’t study at all…I’m a born genius) to pretence (Oh…I don’t care…it’s just an exam, it’s not the end of life) but then we didn’t matter that much…we had the heroes to cater to.

The real heroes were the unsung, the unmoved and the unassuming underdogs whom no one expected to top the class, yet it was exactly them who did. The modesty on display in the midst of their obvious ecstasy was, to say the least, commendable and comforting.

Then were the expected heroes…those who stood out in class from day one and those who didn’t disappoint when the results did finally prove them to be heroes. Theirs was a simple attitude of nonchalance (the story was scripted well before the movie began…so why the ecstasy?).

The majority of the class…a decent performance…some expectedly so some not so expected…feelings of pain and joy in equal measure ultimately manifested into the purest of feelings…relief.

And finally (though I wanted to keep this article humorous this needs to be mentioned too) some of us hit the brick wall…our scores were lower than what we had expected them to be…slightly lower than the rest of the class…there was pain alright…but there was a lot of introspection too…and there was a lot of help forthcoming from the rest of the class…together now, we champions will endeavor to pull up our socks and be ready to face the next exam as a team…all of us scoring as well as all of us can…and here lies the spirit of this great institution…the spirit of oneness in this very competitive course of management education…

Ah! I’m done with the emotional part…so here’s what comes next….BACK TO THE GRIND…one moment we have the result next moment all of us grappling for time for the next mid-term…and guess which one? Statistics!!! From the previous blogs I’m sure you’ll understand the rationale behind the exclamations…no? Find out for yourself by reading the post ‘165×1 – Disaster!!!

(Rakesh Jaddu, Class of 2009)

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2 Responses to Pain, relief, nonchalance and ecstasy!!!…and back to the grind…

  1. Manik Kinra says:

    Good Start! ….

  2. Ippy says:

    U have hit the nail on head, Jaddu……….Awesome write up and very well written………..Continue d good work!!!!!!!!!!

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