The sun is covered, its glory lost;
The earth shivers, shrouded in frost.
As the light of day faded,
Clouds of rain paraded.

The tender leaves, in an infant green,
In mirth unknown,
Bend towards the ground.

The wavering rain, in steady breeze,
Drive home, the restless bees.

The water trickling down the blade of grass,
Steadily forms a puddle ever so vast.

With reckless ease and effortless grace;
Down the slope,
The ever-widening streams race.

The chirping of the birds, the hum of the breeze,
The sweet sound of the raindrops
And the swinging trees.
An enchanting melody here sung.


The setting was perfect…an entire day of lectures and assignments that overheated our cerebral circuits…the fear of the approaching mid-term exams only heightening our anxiety…the sweltering summer heat…

The setting was indeed perfect for the rain to come and wash away the heat, the fear and the anxiety…

(Rakesh, Class 2009)

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One Response to Rain!!!

  1. Balaji Murali (Crusader) says:

    Hey….good post !!
    Keep your spirits flying high !! have a rocking time at Glakes !

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