Salsa!!! Well salsa did come to the rescue that fateful day, but more on that later.

After the awesome experience that was the convocation, us Champions were really looking forward to ‘Sangamitra’ (The cultural function performed twice a year). And boy wasn’t it a treat!

‘Sangamitra’ took off very aptly with a rendition of ‘Ashaayein’, ‘Maa’, the hugely popular Tamil song ‘Manjal Veyil’ and undoubtedly one of the best performances of the night ‘Beetein Lamhe’.

Unfortunately Uncle Bala had to leave early. Before leaving though, he sang a beautiful song from Sivaji Ganesan’s ‘Irumbu Thirai’ that personifies the family values that exist here in Great Lakes. The seventy one year old Uncle Bala singing like a seventeen year old youth deservedly got a standing ovation from everyone in the audience.

The songs continued for a while after that and this included an impromptu performance from Bharat, the topper of the outgoing batch. The Jaycees then threw open the stage for the Champions and we’d like to believe that we didn’t let them down with our own impromptu performances.

There were more surprises coming our way when the Jaycees decided, basically, to play a prank on us. Two unsuspecting girls and guys from the Champions were asked to give flowers/propose to the best looking guys/girls from amongst the Jaycees. Well this is where the Salsa came to my rescue…and various other activities from the outbound to the other three! Some were seen jogging around the whole hall and some were on their knees to gift the flowers.

Mercifully for us this was over soon and it was followed by three amazing dance performances danced to varied tunes beginning with ‘Mahaganapadan’ and ending with ‘Alha Duhai Hai’.

In the midst of all this razmatazz though it was of course very thoughtful of the Jaycees to recognize the contribution of every single member of the staff. All the staff members were felicitated by Prof. Sriram, Prof. Sankaran and Prof. Rakesh Singh.

The evening ended with a memorable performance of various symphonies. The last symphony was composed specifically for ‘Sangamitra’ and it served as the last note for the function.

(- Rakesh Jaddu & Murli Naidu)

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