Farewell Party for Jaycees at Flame

Fresh from a two day outbound at the scenic Green Coconuts Resort, I was high on the newly formed friendships and hung over on the fun we had there as a team. Everyone I knew was desperately looking forward to test their newly learned salsa skills on the dance floor. The opportunity came to us in the form of the Farewell Party.

The Champions (Class of 2009) bid adieu to the Jaycees (Class of 2008 ) in style at the Flame Le Club, La Royal Meridian. We made sure that the outgoing class had one last wild night of partying they would cherish forever.

The college buzzed with activity on the day of the party. Students collecting their invitations, the events group rehearsing their acts and all of us just wanting to fast forward to the evening. Everyone rushed home after the last lecture to change into their party clothes.

The venue was one of the most happening nightclubs in Chennai, Flame Le Club, or so I had heard. As soon as we entered the club I knew we are in for a great evening. The shiny disco balls made me dizzy, the music was entrancing, the bar well stocked with drinks and snacks but I decided to put everything on hold and headed towards the pool table. I shot pool with Champions and Jaycees and lost all the matches, which was no surprise since I was totally out of practice. Giving up, I headed to meet the other Great Lakers who were pouring in as the time for the events to begin closed in. There was a huge crowd near the stage area but I found a convenient place atop a table to watch the on-goings.

Sijo and group set the flavor of the night by singing and playing along to Papa Kahte hain and Sutta Na Mila. This was followed by two rocking dance performances and Jaycees and Champions alike were pulled in to the dance frenzy. Nostalgia was invoked by a video depicting different stages of Jaycees’ one year journey through the PGPM.

After a couple of rounds of complimentary drinks and snacks, everyone was set to hit the dance floor. With the DJ churning the best of latest dance hits, the atmosphere was electric. The Great Lakers put on their dancing shoes and set the dance floor on fire.

What followed on the dance floor could best be described by the pictures given below.

Not even the sumptuous dinner could pull people away from the dance floor and the partying continued well into the night.

~ Prakash

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