Great Lakes Alumni Meet – Delhi Chapter

9th May 2008 saw the first ever Great Lakes Alumni Meet – Delhi Chapter.

In 4 yrs of establishment, Great Lakes has been able to gain mileage across the corporate world & a lot of the credit for the same goes to the alumni. With annual meets in Chennai, Great Lakes was all set to start building up regional chapters and a move towards building a more closer relation between alumni & college.

Delhi saw the first such meet & though small, marked a historic move towards building a stronger & closely knit family. The meet happened at Soul of Punjab, Greater Kailash II – M Block & was attended by people across batches.

And as in any other alumni meet within minutes the memories of those cherishable past was refreshed & all those memorable moments remembered. Whether it was walk at the beach or a booze session post exam; it was all discussed, laughed about & cherished.

Imagine when you have two Assistant Vice Presidents of one of the biggest BPO, Consultants from India’s top 4 IT cos., Investment Bankers, Marketing & Product Managers from manufacturing industry & Sales People from IT basking in the memories of past the only thing that comes to mind is “Great Lakes Rocks”!

Great Lakers at Delhi gets reunited! 

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