Whats Cooking at Great Lakes?

Sessions of Carrom, in between classes

Last doses of Assignment tension and Tensionless sleeping

Desperate measures to copy all important files-presentations done over the year

Fin Guys ruminating over the absolutely bad health of the financial sector.
The page talks about nothing, but JOB CUTS…
Hat Tip( Thanks to Koushik Barua for pointing this out)

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Pooran has just returned after being sprayed with colours and slushy water

I look like an alien with my vest and shirt ripped apart in Holi madness. Thats the first time I celebrated Holi in my life

It makes quite a difference when a corpulent guy like Neeraj is made to remove his shirt. Neeraj seemed to give quite a complex to some of the girls with his build 🙂

We could have easily been mistaken for colourful beggars, but standing outside a business school with a Strategic Profitability Management book and talks on Financial Statement probably gave it away that we were B schoolers
Its the last month at B school, and its these moments that make life lighter. Here I am at 4 am, trying to infuse some mood to sit and type my term paper case on Strategic profitability Management, even as 2 other cases stare at me. Its actually fun, when you slog on a case and you have presented your points well at the end. Felt it with so many presentations over the year. But right now, the freeloader in me is coming alive, and I am sure Logendra and Archana Avaneendran would acknowledge that.

When did some one say Sunday’s were resting? Whoever said it did not have a B schoolers life on his mind at all.

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2 Responses to Whats Cooking at Great Lakes?

  1. Guys! I really enjoyed your post! The job cuts story… sorry, that stuff is just too real. But please don’t be discouraged. Get that b-schooler spirit going and into high drive when you graduate and you’ll be able to make your way through just fine (Assuming, of course, that at least some of the case studies they make you slog through teach creative thinking!)

    Linda M. Lopeke
    Success-to-go for people working@the speed of life!

  2. Gaurav says:

    great reading… felt so nice reading them…

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