The Day never ends…or does it?

Life seems to drag on. Earlier we used to slog, with placements in mind as the scenario. Placements happened, or rather its still happening for specific profiles, and life looked like it had changed with a sense of freedom. The assignments are back, late nights are back, 3 am cofee sessions are back…all with a month to go for our course to end. Cant believe that one year has passed so quickly. It was only last April that we joined, and its already 11 months. I realised the pinch, when the results for Great Lakes 2008-09 batch was released last night. I seem to have rusted in the month of february, and with a month to go, the adrenalin is slowly getting back. I guess its time, I hit the sack, as I need to be fresh to be able to present something that makes sense to the former Chief election commisioner of India- Mr T.N.Seshan. Any answer I give in class, he makes me think whether what I uttered was worthy of attention at all, makes me rethink on my statement again and again, that when I speak to him, its a highly doctored version of my viewpoint that goes through 2 stages of “dhulai” within my mind and then comes out. Its also time for Tata Crucibles quiz later in the day, which I have been awaiting, after the rather dissapointing performance in the ET in campus quiz, where we came 4th. Finishing in the finals did make me happy, but getting stuck on stage at crucial moments was our undoing. Ok, I keep promising that I would hit the sack, but this time, I am ending the post right here right now as mosquitos in Chennai seem to be on a rage to explore my pants.

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