Placement Week!

Placement week started on the 28th, and went till the 29th. This was organised at Shelters resorts near Mahabalipuram, and went off very well. Just as the case is with every growing B school, since there is a huge diversity in the batch, and some students are very specific about the profiles they have recieved, some more companies are being invited to make sure evry one gets the right fit employment. Most of them have 1,2,3 and in some cases 4 offers, and right now, the focus is get the final list that says who is opting for which company. This process has just started, and so have more companies started to evince their interest,by offering more better roles, as they come after the placement process, in the hope to attract students, already having offers. A detailed placement update, will be up soon, as the average can be computed only after the students have decided on their final choice of companies, as some more students have evinced interest in sitting for companies that are coming post placement. The experience of placement week, saw euphoric faces, some saw tense faces, and of course lots of advice and strategy floating around, on where to apply smartly in the limited time. The whole experience in pictures would be up on the blog in some time. I am collating pictures taken by all students armed with either a digicam/camera mobile to capture some of the best shots of those 2 days.

The GD/PI rounds start today, with the Chennai candidates,who would be coming to the campus, in a few hours. Will give an update of the same, in some time.

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12 Responses to Placement Week!

  1. NoeL says:

    Impatiently waiting for the placement report 2008 to come out!!

  2. Manik Kinra says:

    Good to know it went of well…i am sure this yr also Great Lakers would come out with flying colors..creating newer records..

  3. xyz says:

    could some lz tell the placement stats soon
    i am eagerly waiting and i think so does everyone else

  4. PGMP09 says:

    Seniors plz provide statistics of placement 08 , which would of grt help to us.

  5. For people who want basic information on the range companies were offering pls feel free to write in to me. The stats are not compiled yet, as more companies are coming to campus, and we would need to wait for a couple of weeks maximum.

  6. PGMP09 says:

    Hi Kartik ,
    I want to know about companies in Consulting and IT consulting field. What package, profile they offered. Say for 2 years of work ex. 3-4 years of work ex

  7. Dear Aspirant. As I had earlier sent, pls mail me at kartik dot kannan at gmail dot com. I shall reply to you on that. I wouldnt want to type it here, as officially our report is not yet out. It would be against the rules to publish it on the web. I could give you the indicatve profiles and roles offered for the relevant industry. I would be happy to respond on email.



  8. PGMP09 says:


    I will mail you soon.

  9. PGMP09 says:

    Seniors do you have any idea, by which time the result will be declared. Please reply soon.

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