72 Hours to Placement Season! Whats Cooking up?

Even I have started to visit the library, as I need to get some gnyaan on Marketing.

After Nihit did his internship at Fashion Networks, he seems to have learnt to
pose like a model

Akash Vaze, seems to be sunk in the wave of the Sensex crashing, and is keeping track of what stocks to sell and buy.

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Swaminathan, seems to be making last ditch efforts to collect more xerox copies of notes,while also simultaneously slogging out as part of the admission comittee.

Jaideep Chanda generally doesnt make sense, when he reads a book, as he gives me hot competition to doze off, but since moolah is at stake, JD is all about Brands, and would love to sell himself as the self proclaimed progeny of Kotler.

Karthikeyan, seems to be pissed about something, as he chats with friends over careers in the Financial domain

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Pravar Saxena, seems more bothered about hefty biceps and abs, as a method to cool off before placements

Sudhir has his goals for corporate life, LOUD and CLEAR!

Prakritish, generally a Travel/Audio/Movies freak, has changed for the call of the moolah.

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Talk about Yuppy Onsite Dreams to USA!

Shweta Reddy dozing over business news!

Shweta Reddy trying her best to come over dozing at the Library. Funny antics a’int it?

Rahul and Prachi at 2 in the morning! , and some people never get tired!

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Midnight Birthday bashes. Sometimes it pains the heart that such a tasty cake finds its way all over the body except the stomach, when cake smashing happens. I for sure did feel that way

What a way to welcome a person into his 2nd quarter of existence?

Thats what a person gets for playing pichkari at the boys giving the birthday bumps

Mobbed and Chocolated all over! A pity that he was reading Consumer Behaviour, a while before this happened. He could do nothing to stop the mob behaviour 🙂 .

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If somebody gives too much Gnyaan especially when one is tense, his fate is sealed! Kota discovers the hard way

Birthday Cake all over Rishikesh Sinha, as Anubhav seems consoling him, to leave the last bit of Chocolate cake for him.

Abhishek Rai and Himanshu Pahuja, exchanging pleasantries! (errrr…..!!!!)

Vibhor, with the ruins of the “cake battle”. His glasses were quashed in the mad cake melee

So Thats it for now. I have quite a few companies lined up on various slots, plus a music show to attend, and cram whatever time is left for some studies. Actually pretty Jam packed week, but quite an important one. Keep clued on to the blog, to see many behind the scenes sneak previews.

Reported by the Veeranam Times Syndicate!

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4 Responses to 72 Hours to Placement Season! Whats Cooking up?

  1. Manik Kinra says:

    awesome…missing those days..!!Time of life!!

  2. Gaurav says:

    wow… super cool… i just loved it… 🙂

  3. Prashanth says:

    Awesome guyz..made me feel nostalgic..guess am getting old..its been 1.5 years since we passed out… all the best for your placements and trust me the blog really rocks.. u guyz could do in with some better templates and defly a shoutbox..

  4. ram says:

    awesome guys

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