Great Laker launches portal

A very dear friend of mine is all set to launch his own website which would act like a platform between the young budding creative people and corporates and help both of them shake hands and create a win win situation. This would not only help the young people get an opportunity to showcase their talent but also help the corporates, who are these days running behind innovation, get a taste of young innovative brains.

The website is as of now running as a pilot and once all the legal matters and other things are done, along with some funding from venture capitalist, it would be on its way…..

Wishing him loads of luck and i hope he achieves great great success through creadivity..and may be recruit me some day 🙂 soon…

Also, i m sure it wont be a bad idea to go on the website ..check it and give your feedback and in case you have any pls. do post as it will help him improve!

Also read the blog on 

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One Response to Great Laker launches portal

  1. The website really looks wonderful… All the best… 🙂

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