Off to Internships

Its been 3 days since everyone has been off for the internships….

People are all over the country right now doing their internships.

Quite hectic indeed!!! 

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3 Responses to Off to Internships

  1. Wishing you all the best… This will help you understand what kind of profile you are actually looking for when the actual placements start…. plus… it is also an opportunity for you to impress them and get a PPO (pre placement offer)… All the Best Guys… 🙂

  2. Harsh Vardhan Khaitan says:

    Great to hear Great Lakers are buzzi with internship.. Do students get internship abroad too..? I m very interested to apply for 2008-09..where can I get all my queries resolved.. ? Thanks in advance

  3. shrirambr says:

    For quesries, please send a mail to:

    or visit:

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