SWIM – One of the hallmarks of Great Lakes


Great Lakes is one of the first institutes in the country to recognize the value and importance of more and more women managers in the country today. This is not just a thought. Great Lakes women have captured this in the form of an Initiative called “Successful Women In Management“. The initiative has the backing of Uncle Bala and also eminent women personalities of the country, which also includes one of the most globally known Indian businesswoman today, Indira Nooyi.

This initiative is the undertaking of the women of each batch. Last year, Crusaders organised a one-day SWIM event which had successful women like Kanimozhi come and deliver lectures on various topics ranging from womanhood to “The glass ceiling”. The event was organised on 8th March 2007, International Women’s day! 🙂

This year, the girls have yet again done a phenomenal job. They organised a workshop to cater to the issues of working women.

Hats off to the girls who made this happen!

Cheers to SWIM!

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One Response to SWIM – One of the hallmarks of Great Lakes

  1. Manik Kinra says:

    Great work girls….!!

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