Founder’s Day @ Great Lakes

Founder’s Day: July 5th


Students of Great Lakes celebrated Founder’s day on July 5th. July 5th is the birthday of Dr. Bala V Balachandran (Our Hon. Dean and Founder). Though Uncle Bala was not present in Chennai, we still went ahead with the celebrations. The college campus was decked up with many decorations which included a huge rangoli in the front of the campus. Balloons, inspiring quotes, birthday wishes and other decorations hung from every nook and corner of the campus.


The celebrations kicked off at 5:30 in the evening with an address to the students by Vivek Joseph, our student council president. This was followed by a video presentation on Uncle Bala created by the students to celebrate his birthday. Everyone was overjoyed by the video which provided some insights on Uncle Bala’s life. Then we called Uncle Bala via speakerphone as a surprise and the entire class wished him a very happy birthday and many more wonderful years ahead. Uncle Bala was overjoyed by our surprise. A huge birthday cake was then cut on Uncle Bala’s behalf and distributed to the Academia and staff present. Chocolates were then distributed to the students amidst a sea of confetti.

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