Karma Yoga Project.

Great Lakes students realize their social responsibilities through the karma-yoga projects working with powerless people.


Jaycees of Great Lakes have started their first term with an assignment on the karma yoga project. This project requires all the students to work with powerless people to understand their responsibilities towards the society, as a part of their academic course.

Each student of the batch of 165 students has been assigned the task as a part of their rigorous one year fast paced PGPM. The students are being involved with Children Orphanages, Old Age homes, Schools & Hospitals for the relatively powerless people and various social service groups as AIDE ET ACTION, Aid India, Relief Foundation, CRY, Ramkrishna Foundation, ASHA Society and others.

The course aims at a mutual win-win situation for both, the students who learn to relate to their responsibility towards the society and the social service groups who get budding managers as volunteers’ to work on their projects. Students get the opportunity to apply in practice what they learn during the course.

Each student devotes at least 3 hrs a week to bring significant change to the lives of powerless and destitute. They will be working on the live projects for six months continuously taking time out of their rigorous course curriculum.

Telling about the same, Dr. Venkat R. Krishnan, Director of Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research, under whose able guidance jaycees of Great Lakes aspire to adopt transformational leadership as a way of their life, said, “The crux of leadership is creating followers. Serving others is the simplest way to create followers. This project thus provides an experiential learning of leadership”.

Going through the project the students are so inspired that they are planning to setup a social service group themselves. Hope the new generation managers would not only want to have it all for themselves — a substantial salary and bonuses, but they would also want to make a difference to the society.

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6 Responses to Karma Yoga Project.

  1. Good one Mitesh. Well written. I think the Karma Yoga Project is making us better people as we get down to the realities of life, when we empower powerless people.

  2. Rajesh Kr Ravi says:

    As Kartik said, the Karma Yoga project has really given us a chance to see the harsh realities , this world is made of. When I visited the Nethaji Mercy Home, as part of my project, I had expected to see ill-bred children. However, I was astonished to see that there exist people like Mr Muttukumar and his family, who can devote their whole life for the cause of orphan children. One needs to visit that temple of love to see the truth. Even though this man has consistently faced financial crunch, he has not given up. He has made it sure that all the 25 children are well fed and go to the government school. He has bestowed unconditional love to all these children. I am indebted to Mr Muttukumar and our own beloved Mr Venkat for providing an opportunity to serve these children.

  3. Manik Kinra says:

    A USP of Great Lakes, I am sure you guys would love every second spent on Karma Yoga..if not right now may be once you guys move out of Great Lakes, you would certainly cherish every min spent on this!

  4. Nova says:

    One of the best things I ever did at Great Lakes – something you will carry long way into ur lives. Like Manik aptly put it, definitely a USP of Great Lakes!!!

    Go work on it people! And show the world, that Great Lakers are not just about brains but also compassion! 🙂

  5. Visitor says:

    I am a new visitor, unaware of Management related terms.

    Its good to hear about Karma Project.

    Just a little curious here. What category of people do you exactly mean when you say ‘powerless’? Seems to me that this term has been even used in your institution’s website.

  6. Need your contact please says:


    I need to touch base with Rajesh Kr Ravi who had visited Nethaji Mercy Home at Velachery. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Ram

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