Great Lakes Management Journal

Great Lakes Launched it s Management Journal, Great Lakes Herald on 22nd April’2007. This is a testimony of Great Lakes belief in the importance of Research in Management Education. The Journal would be covering articles from academicians across the globe and also from people in industry. The Journal Team is headed by Dr Venkat R Krishnan, who is also the Director of Yale – Great Lakes Research Center. The Team has renowed names like Dr Bala V Balachandran, Dr Paul Prabhakar, Prof Purba Rao and many others from best universities in the world.

To know more about it pls.

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3 Responses to Great Lakes Management Journal

  1. Kaushik Purushothaman says:


    Pls updae the website regularly…is too outdated.

    Also pls upload the latest issue of Gravity magazine.

    Kaushik Purushothaman
    Class 2005

  2. Savitha says:


    The latest issue of Gravity magazine is available @

    Other updates will be made asap

  3. Kaushik Purushothaman says:

    Savitha…am afraid that the latest isue of Gravity is not yet uploaded. Pls check.

    Also, waiting to see the updated/refurbished website!!


    Kaushik Purushothaman
    Class 2005

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