International Marketing Conference @ Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai (formerly Madras), India and the North American Society for Marketing Education in India will hold an international marketing conference on the overall theme of creating, communicating, and delivering value in growing markets at Chennai, India on Friday-Saturday, December 21-22, 2007. The event is sponsored by the recently established Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Research in Marketing at Great Lakes. Theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical research papers in any sector of marketing (B to B or B to C, products or services) are welcome. Research papers could be related to creating value (market research, competitive analysis, product, service, pricing), communicating value (branding, advertising, personal selling, promotion), or delivering value (channels management, wholesaling, retailing, CRM, web-based marketing), or their integration (marketing strategy, competitive strategy, marketing processes, marketing organization).

For further information about participation, and other things pls. check

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One Response to International Marketing Conference @ Great Lakes

  1. Ramesh says:

    Aren’t you announcing the Alumni site launch?

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