Placements Report 2007 @ Great Lakes

Overview of Placements 2007 – Great Lakes, Chennai 

Great Lakes continued its journey towards being one of the best Business Schools in India with a successful campus recruitment season that concluded on 5th Feb’ 2007. 

In its third year, Great Lakes’ was able to achieve, what most B- Schools would only dream of. Not just 100% placements but each and every Great Laker was placed with the choicest of companies, desired profiles and most importantly, deserved compensations and benefits.   With companies competing to recruit Great Lakers, the entire batch was placed within hours, with quite a few recruiters going back empty handed. This clearly demonstrates the faith the corporate world has put in Great Lakes’ growing brand equity.

Among the praises showered by most of the recruiters visiting Great Lakes, one comment seemed to be common from all of them, that Great Lakers performance was far above their expectations and hence they ended up making more offers than they anticipated making on Great Lakes campus. Companies like British Petroleum made in all 4 offers to Great Lakes students, which is almost half the number of offers they anticipate to make across all Indian B-School campuses this year. They were so impressed with a student’s performance here that they went ahead and created a profile in Strategic Planning for this Great Laker. Infosys, one of the star recruiters, offered a profile, which has never been given in any Business School campus in India so far. Computer Science Corporation visiting Great Lakes for the first time was highly impressed with the quality of students and ended up giving more than a dozen offers.

“Placements 2007” at Great Lakes is just another feather in its cap, and yet another step forward in its journey towards being the Best of B-Schools.

·         Total Companies Recruiting at Great Lakes – 63
·         Total Offers made over 226
·         Offers per student – 1.45
·         Number of Students who Participated – 154
·         International Offer (PPO) – 1 by Frost & Sullivan
·         Highest Domestic Offer – Rs. 17 Lakhs p.a.
·         Median Salary (CTC) – Rs. 8.00 Lakhs p.a.
·         Average Salary (CTC) – Rs. 9.03 Lakhs p.a.
·         Minimum Salary Offered – Rs. 6 Lakhs p.a.
·         Pre Placement Offers – 8
·         25.1% increase in Average Salary over Last year
·         Number of Recruiters visiting for the first time – 23
·         Number of offers above 9 Lakhs p.a. – 65

For further details please check Great Lakes Website…

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