Faculty @ Great Lakes Series Vol 4

The crusade is almost mid way, and crusaders are enlightened with tremendous knoweldge transferred by some of the best in the profession. Some of the Prof’s we have had in last two terms are:-

Mr Amitava Ghosh – Marketing Research

He makes us learn, he makes us laugh, he makes us read cases like any other prof’s would, but then which prof would make you play virtual volley ball in class to wake you up, which prof would crack jokes out of the blue, which prof would happily point at you and tell you “Madam, Wake up”!. Thats Mr Ghosh, his way to transfer knoweldge is different from others and he makes sure the lectures are not lectures but funny discussions!

Mr Bharath – Human Resource Management, Chairman Aparajitha Group

Most would be forced to believe that he must have done some courses in HR, but then mentioned is his brief profile : 1st Rank holder(All India) ACA, ICWA, and FCA. Specialization in Corporate Finance, now then what is he doing here teaching HRM. Mr Bharath, is equally equipped with fundamentals of HR and has also done specialization in personnel management and human resources.
As most of prof’s here set their own high standards, Mr Bharath did exaclty the same. He entered with a Dairy Milk chocolate for every student (how i wish every one could do that). He brought about a new way to communicate thoughts, sharing Red, Yellow, Green and White Cards. He made us wear Name tags in his classes. He brought about a new concept of moment of truth from the lecture, and in just 2 classes he has changed lots of perceptions about HR. Great Communicator

Prof Latha – Human Re-engineering

She is teaching Human Re-engineering and hence brings in lots of experience and knoweldge about human behavior along with her. She is one of those who practices what she preaches. In last few classes she has made us think about ourselves and seems like one of those people who people who will transfer lots of thoughts, and leave on us to learn from them. Amazing communicator and a very nice teacher.

Prof Lalitha – Business Communication

Ask any Great Laker (Male), which lecture has been the best in the last 4 months, and the unanimous reply would be Prof Lalitha’s classes. Prof Lalitha is a free lancer and takes Business Communication Classes at various B Schools like ISB Hyderabad etc and in various corporate houses. She was just amazing, one of the best speaker i have met till date. She has the ability to keep most of us awake for 2 complete hours. We had loads of fun discussing on various issues and the last few mins of every class was great with each one of us coming forward and speakig about himselves/heselves for a few mins.
Before we go for our Fall Projects we have a few more people coming to teach us, lets see what they bring to the table. Till date the experience is getting better and better day by day

About greatlaker

Great Lakes Institute of Management aims to seek, mould, polish and develop leaders with changing times. Based on its discipline based core courses it moulds the students to become "Masters of Business Readiness" by a dynamic curriculum of customer - centric electives providing synergies, enriching tradition with innovation, processes, technology and intellectual capital.
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